‘s Bakery is a one stop shop for all your baked good and pastry needs. Try our Artisan loaves as well as simple white bread. Look through our selection of decadent goods and order now. Feel free to call us for your corporate meeting to cater  or  if you want something customized
Nylah‘s Bakery Menu –
Cinnamon rolls
Croissants – served at breakfast or on special order
Orange cranberry bread – 200g  loaf
Brownies – Dz
Chocolate chip, Raisins
Artisan loaves –
Special white bread 200g and 800g,
Banana bread (200g)
whole wheat,
Call for our specials
TRY OUR CAKES- Our specialty cakes are created with you in mind. They are not coated with any covering (icing or fondant) this way, you taste the full flavor and richness of the cake and , they come in 2 sizes –
Lemon Pound Cake
Red Velvet

Doughnuts –
 Our doughnuts are a labor of love. Feel free to mix and match or pick from one of our interesting flavors
Plain, Glazed, Orange and Chocolate, Irish Cream, Peanut butter brittle (our play on bread and groundnut), Red velvet with cream cheese. Look out for our weekly flavors and holiday specials.
Chicken Pie
Sausage Rolls
Sandwiches –
Tuna, Chicken, Corned Beef, Egg salad, Fried Chicken, Grilled Cheese